Flexographic printing technology is characterised by the abundance and variety of decorative techniques; it is perfect and economic when manufacturing plenty of labels and packages. In connection with the possibility of using various sheets, i.e. metallised or ultra clear films, it gives an excellent result which, combined with a catchy message and graphic design, makes it possible to distinguish the product on the shop shelf. Flexography is so popular not only due to the possibility of depositing decorations, refining varnishes, etc. but also due to the fact that it is one of the most economic "advanced" – technologically and in design – label and package printing techniques.


Flexographic printing

UV inks


Flexographic printing

Water based inks

Short characteristic of flexographic technology

Flexographic printing is the most optimal printing method for high-volume manufacture. If you need several – several hundred thousand labels manufactured based on one graphic design, you should choose the flexographic printing.

Flexographic printing technology requires using photopolymers, i.e. printing forms with which colours are deposited on the label. Each colour used in design requires using one photopolymer.

Flexography is a mass manufacture dedicated printing technique. Personalising the label design with the use of this technology is entirely uneconomic. For personalised label designs or for those with a great diversity of data, we recommend the digital printing.


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