Personalisation of labels and packaging - what it is and what it means for the brand owner... if you are familiar with the idea of personalisation of labels and packaging... or if you are looking for a way to stand out from the competition without incurring additional costs - we invite you today to watch the second episode of the SHO(R)T PACK ACADEMY series, where, in cooperation with Packaging Polska, we will tell you how to draw the consumer's attention in an unobvious way
Konferencja Beauty Innovations 2023

Beauty Innovations 2023 Conference

For years, we have had the pleasure of carrying out joint activities with the Biotechnology magazine and portal - the result of which was, among other things, a recently organised environmental training course, so we would like to thank all the participants who spent time with us during the lecture for their trust, and we hope that the content delivered was interesting and provided answers to questions arising in the field of eco-solutions available in the industry.
Pierwszy odcinek SHO(R)T PACK ACADEMY

First episode of SHO(R)T PACK ACADEMY

We are pleased to announce that we have launched a long-awaited project dedicated to people for whom packaging and labels matter.
Podsumowanie Retail Summit 2023

Summary of Retail Summit 2023

The Poland & CEE Retail Summit 2023 is now history, but the impressions, conclusions and business contacts will probably stay in our memories for longer.
Konferencja SDGLab

SDGLab Conference

We are extremely pleased to announce that we have received another invitation to participate in an expert panel discussion on the future of packaging.
Projektowanie opakowań w praktyce – Zapraszamy

Packaging design in practice – Come and join us

We are pleased to invite you to a training organised in cooperation with the portal. We provide 4 hours of substantive knowledge with a solid dose of inspiration and case studies.
Retail Summit 2023

Retail Summit 2023

At the invitation of the Organisers, in less than three weeks we will have the pleasure to host the Retail Summit and thus participate in the panel discussion entitled "Reducing carbon footprint and minimising environmental impact".
Diamenty Miesięcznika Forbes i Gazele Biznesu dla Aniflex

Forbes Monthly Diamonds and Business Gazelles for Aniflex

We would like to thank our Employees, Customers and Partners for another year.
Xeikon Cafe Panther

Xeikon Cafe Panther

At the invitation of Xeikon / Flint Group , during Xeikon Cafe Panther we had the pleasure of talking about the history of our company in the context of the development of digital printing technology.