In order to meet the current trends and for the sake of our common good, which is the environment, the Aniflex company introduced pro-ecological solutions into its offer, related to the manufacture of self-adhesive labels.

Being the designers of labels and packages we feel responsible for our environment and planet.

The actions took to reduce harmful influences related to material and waste management, resulting from manufacture and processing of packages, are very important to us. Therefore, we encourage our Customers to use pro-environmental solutions in the field of product labelling.

A range of materials dedicated to companies focused on maximising packaging recovery and reducing environmental impact.
The use of a special washable adhesive allows easy removal of the labels in industrial dishwashers. The adhesive leaves no trace on the surface of the packaging. At the same time, it does not contaminate water, so it can also be reused.

The main advantage and production premise of self-adhesive materials containing recycled raw materials is that they significantly reduce the use of fossil fuels, water, and energy. The self-adhesive materials use recycled plastic from households, from post-industrial waste as well as plastic from recycled PET bottles.

A range of lighter materials characterised by lower grammage and a lower waste generation rate, which contributes to a smaller environmental impact. An additional benefit of reduced label materials is that generating lower operating costs due to shorter downtimes, as well as lower packaging and transport costs. The use of thinner materials also helps to create a “no label look” that makes the product look more appealing on the shelf.

A range of label materials containing a water-based adhesive. The specially developed adhesive formula allows the label to be separated from the surface of the packaging at the stage of bathing the glass cullet or shredded PET bottles.

These solutions offer an alternative to the standard materials used in the production of labels that come into direct contact with dry, non-greasy food. The market offers compostable films made of cellulose pulp or lactic acid, designed for food contact.

They eliminate or significantly reduce the negative impact of packaging on the environment, have a significant impact on reducing the consumption of fossil fuels or contribute to lower CO2 emissions through the use of plant biomass.
Self-adhesive materials made on the basis of renewable raw materials generally contain more than 80% ingredients of natural origin. Solutions produced from renewable raw materials include paper made from sugar cane, material made from 100% natural wood, paper made from 100% cotton and bio films made from ethanol derived from sugar cane.

The interest in labels characterised with lower environmental impact has led to a joint project initiated by Aniflex to expand knowledge of available eco-friendly solutions for the label industry. Take care of the Earth, is a collection of free-of-charge packages containing a number of solutions that do not burden the environment, addressed to the largest companies in Poland. In addition to sample faces and backings containing, among other things, recycled raw materials, it also includes information concerning soluble adhesives to improve the efficiency of the recycling process, as well as programmes to facilitate the disposal of waste from label printing.