Flexible packaging is a series of highly resistant packages of different dedication, shape and size. Their fundamental advantage is a possibility of adjusting to the needs of an individual Customer and of the specificity of the chose, singular product. Made of film they make it possible to secure the product effectively, whilst including the marketing function which a package of a product shall fulfil. Thanks to the wide possibilities of printing on a film and also because of implementing refinement in the form of the so called gilding or silvering by cold-stamping method we receive an “advanced” package, which main objective is to protect the product and distinguish it on the shop shelf.

Our elastic packagings are ideal for effectively securing the product. They are extremely popular among Customers operating in food, beauty or general industry. We are also proud of our cooperation with entrepreneurs from the largest cities in Poland, such as Warsaw or Łódź. Thanks to the technologies which we use, we can offer prints on elastic packagings in both large and small amounts. Feel free to take advantage of our services.

Two printing technologies

We adjust printing technology individually, to each and any design and Customer.

Packaging personalization

Each sachet, bag, pouch may have an individual, unique design.

Printing up to 11 colours

We guarantee a professional printing with a colour gamut chosen by you.

PANTONE palette colours

We will print every, colour you chose from the PANTONE palette.

A little more about flexible packages …

Elastic packagings

Our elastic packaging offer is dedicated mainly to chemical and beauty industry. We can print elastic packagings using two technologies, thanks to which we are able to meey individual needs of our Customers while optimising the costs.

Durable and effective elastic packagings.

We have been manufacturing packages for many years, providing our Customers with beneficial terms and conditions of cooperation. We will be glad to tell you which additional elements and decoration techniques are worth using in order to ensure unique features of a given offer. The advantage of flexible packaging materials is their strength, thanks to which they effectively protect the contents against damage.

Flexible packaging in atypical design

We use modern digital printing technologies, thanks to which we are able to offer flexible packaging with personalized printing, making this type of packaging a unique form distinguishing the product on the shop shelf.

We can do it for you:

Printing up to 11 colours
Screen printing
Cost-effective hight-volume printing