Hybrid technology is a combination of low-volume digital printing advantages with the possibility of advanced label and package decorating in a flexography technology. It is the perfect solution for those who desire to combine personalisation of printing with the abundance of solutions in the field of refining and securing labels and packages.

As a printing house for flexographic and digital labels, we are able to select adequate printing technology for each design individually.

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A short characteristic of the hybrid technology

Krótka charakterystyka technologii hybrydowejHybrid printing is a combination of two label printing technologies: digital technology and flexographic technology. In our manufacturing practice, it usually goes along the following scheme: printing the label design in digital technology; refining in flexographic technology. Thanks to such a solution, we obtain effective printings that meet expectations of the most demanding Customers.

Why choose hybrid printing?

Combining the possibilities of digital printing and flexographic one – a hybrid technique – gives you outstanding possibilities to create advanced labels and packages. Thanks to the use of print personalization and decoration, we receive unique products that guarantee the distinction of the product on the shop shelf. It should be noted that hybrid printing is becoming increasingly popular among representatives of cosmetics and alcohol industries.

Hybrid printing technology enables us the combination of decorations on a package (i.e. gilding, silvering, textured or aromatic varnishes, etc.) with personalisation allowing, for instance, the placement of a forename or a special, individual dedication. Hybrid printing is a demanding and specific technique that requires a high level of awareness in terms of possible solutions. We are happy to assist in the process of designing labels printed with the use of the hybrid technique.


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