In response to the market needs for increasing the level of consumer safety, we have launched a new varnish showing bactericidal and virucidal properties, which is a specific novelty on the packaging and labeling market in Poland.

Relevant information about our new offer:

  • eliminates 99.5% pathogens of bacteria, viruses, mould and fungi from the label surface;
  • its effect is clinically proven;
  • gives a permanent and long-lasting effect;
  • does not contain harmful biocides nor nanoparticles;
  • does not affect the print quality;
  • is harmless to health;

How does it work?

On the surface coated with varnish, as a result of the process of photocatalysis, reactions take place, eliminating harmful microorganisms. These reactions cause pathogens of bacteria, viruses, fungi or mould to disappear from the label’s surface within a few minutes (assuming natural or artificial light).

For whom is it?

The antibacterial varnish can be applied both on paper and foil; therefore, it is dedicated to manufacturers of cosmetics, food products, household chemistry… all those for whom safety is important.

We invite everyone interested in the subject to contact us.