Facing our customers’ expectations, we launched a training project called “Aniflex Academy” a few months ago. Within organised workshops we try not only to transfer knowledge about printing technology, but also inspire the creation of unconventional designs of labels and packaging.

At the end of the year we decided to go one step further and, together with our Partner, also provide knowledge and a powerful dose of inspiration to those who are not our customers. In January, we will start a series of free thematic webinars that are dedicated to those for whom packaging – its design, construction and functions – matters.

Calendar of Events:

25 January 2022 – Eco-solutions – online event

8 March 2022 – Specialty Paints – online event

26 April 2022 – Decorating – online event

In early January, registration will be open for first webinar:

Eco-solutions related to the printing of self-adhesive labels.

A review of environmental raw materials, innovative processes and technologies, programmes to support the implementation of CE (circular economy) assumptions.

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