How to design interesting and eye-catching self-adhesive labels

How to design interesting and eye-catching self-adhesive labels?

Self-adhesive labels placed on products are an extremely important element that performs both an informative and a marketing function. That is why every effort should be made to ensure that the designs are prepared in such a way as to provide all the legally required information.
From a marketing point of view, on the other hand, labels are a kind of business card of a product, which determines its popularity and influences purchasing decisions. Therefore, labels should be designed in such a way that they stand out from the competition. Here is how to create interesting and eye-catching printed labels that meet all of your objectives.

What must be on the labels?

We have already covered the topic of what a properly designed self-adhesive label should contain a few times on our blog. When creating a design, the most important thing is to carefully analyse the regulations that govern what information must be provided to buyers. Entrepreneurs are obliged to include, above all, the name and address of the manufacturer and product identification. In addition, it is worth noting that some products available on the market are also subject to specific requirements related to, among other things
, specifying the composition, components that may cause allergy or energy values. The use of appropriate font size is extremely important for pharmaceutical and food products. The above-mentioned elements form the basis for creating a unique
and at the same time requirements-compliant design.

Label & brand identity

The visual appearance of the packaging largely determines the first impression of the recipient. A whole range of similar products is very often arranged on the shelves next to each other, so you should make sure that you stand out from the competition in a positive way. A good idea would be to create designs that are unambiguously associated with the intended use of the offered product. Furthermore, it is extremely important for the design to harmonise perfectly
with the brand’s visual identity. This gives us a chance to achieve the effect of evoking an association in the customer’s mind and thus becoming memorable. When designing, refer to the logo, fonts and colours used on the company’s website and in its advertising campaigns.

Establish a dialogue with the customer and follow trends

Treat the label as a channel that will allow you to establish communication with the customer. Address them directly and try to present the benefits of choosing your offer. A catchy slogan and unique graphics will always work. Strive for a balance between specific product
knowledge and marketing strategy elements. In addition, it is extremely important to take into account current trends, such as an environmentally friendly approach that reduces environmental impact or personalised labels and packaging that make customers feel special.

Arrange the elements properly

Experts often point out that the production of self-adhesive labels ( is extremely difficult because a major limitation to creativity is the lack of available space. This problem is particularly the case with small packaging, where almost every millimetre of space is precious, so you have to manage it properly. In addition to the product name and logo of your brand, legal information and eye-catching advertising messages must also fit. It is important that every detail complements each other and that the overall impression remains transparent.

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