Last week, as part of the Packaging ON-novations event, Justyna Kierzkowska-Grzyb (Marketing Department Manager at Aniflex, editorial note), conducted a webinar “How to turn trends into profits – a personalised and ecological product label“..

The lecture was very popular and gathered a large number of participants who, after the presentation, had the opportunity to ask questions on the most interesting issues. During the online meeting, many examples and practical applications were presented, as we believe that such knowledge deserves the greatest attention.

We would like to thank the Participants for taking part in the conference and we hope that everyone has found the experience valuable.

We would also like to thank the Organisers of the Trade Fairs in Krakow for the invitation.

Finally, we would like to invite all those interested in packaging innovation to the 12th International Packaging Trade Fair PACKAGING Innovations in Warsaw today.