Shrink sleeve labels – learn about their properties and use

The essential role of labels for product packages is that they contain information necessary for customers. Until recently, adhesive labels were the most common type of labels. Looking for solutions to the limitations caused by a small amount of space for printing, manufacturers have developed and placed on the market heat shrink labels.

What actually are shrink sleeve labels?

A shrink sleeve label is a sleeve made of PVC or PET foil, printed on the inside, which means a high level of abrasion resistance of the printed content. The sleeve is cut to the required length, and then applied to the package. A package prepared in this way is then transported with the label through a heat tunnel. At this stage of the process the sleeve shrinks to ideally adjust to all the curves of the package. This is why shrink sleeve labels are used for labelling products with non-standard shapes.
Currently, shrink sleeve labels are used in all market sectors.

What are the properties of heat shrink labels?

Due to the large number of available materials used for their manufacture, various shrinkage levels, different sizes and types of shrink sleeve labels are available, which is why they can be used for covering the entire package, or only a part of it. Shrink sleeve labels are suitable for every application where the usual paper labelling is impossible.

Heat shrink labels, apart from their extraordinary flexibility, which is considered to be their greatest advantage, also have a high level of resistance to mechanical damage, or damage resulting from contact with chemicals. They are also resistant to weather conditions, so the manufacturer can be sure that the label will remain unchanged for a really long time.

What else you should know about shrink sleeve labels?

Due to its thermoplastic properties, this type of labels, apart from its use for bottles or jars, is applied to products with non-standard shapes; it is also used for making the so called multipacks, that is packages containing several products used for various promotional actions. An unquestionable advantage of heat shrink labels is the possibility of using them for protection against unwanted opening. Additionally, thanks to their larger surface, more content can be applied.

To sum up, if you have a package with non-standard shape, using heat shrink labels will be an excellent choice. However, remember to entrust their manufacture to specialists. Aniflex printing shop will create elegant and cost-effective heat shrink labels suited to the individual needs of your products.

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