Join us on 8 March for another free webinar related to news from the world of labels and packaging. A huge dose of knowledge, inspiration… but also humour, as the subject is extremely charming and intriguing,

This time we will talk about …
– what fluorescent, luminescent or thermochromic inks are and how to use them on packaging
,- how to use scratch-off inks and why they have marketing potential,
– how to “close” a fragrance on the label/packaging of your product,
– what are the technical aspects of implementing projects using special inks (glow-in-the-dark, responsive to temperature changes, etc.),
– what printing technologies are used when implementing projects using special inks and what tools are used for this purpose.

We will also tell you how to give your packaging an interesting look

Farby Specjalne - Webinar

The presenters will show COMPLETE simulations of packaging designs that use special inks, which, we hope, will inspire you to go beyond the standard when designing your product.

Webinar organised in cooperation with the Organiser of Packaging Innovations Trade Fai

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