When it comes to choosing labels for your products, you can’t leave it to chance – they are responsible for the aesthetics of the packaging and are a key element of your marketing strategy. Both the color scheme and the information and emotions they convey are important in attracting customers and reaching a wide range of potential consumers. Heat-shrinkable products are popular and recommended – learn about their advantages and why you should invest in them!

Heat-shrinkable labels – brief characteristics

Also known by the English term “shrink sleeves,” usually produced from PET film, they are characterized by:

  • high mechanical strength and tear resistance due to flexibility – transportation and storage of packaging labeled with heat-shrinkable materials do not adversely affect their aesthetics,
  • absence of contraindications to contact with moisture and exposure to temperature – products with labels made of PET raw material can be stored in the refrigerator or freezer without fear,
  • possibility of tinting to any color, glossing or leaving the surface transparent – thus labels can be tailored to individual customer expectations.

It is worth mentioning that shrink labels perfectly adapt to the shape of the package on which they are placed – no matter how asymmetrical or unusual its shape. There is an option to print the entire surface, which allows you to effectively expose the product on the store shelf and distinguish it from others.

When can shrink labels be used and why is it worth it?

These modern products have a wide range of applications – they are useful wherever clear, colorful and eye-catching printing is required on various types of packaging. Representatives of the food, cosmetics and chemical industries like to use them. They can be used on beverages, yogurts, household chemicals, shampoos, hair conditioners, or shower gels. And these are just a few examples of the wide range of applications. They are an ideal solution when the product has an unusual shape and size. As a manufacturer of heat-shrinkable labels we offer:

  • two printing technologies – flexographic and digital, combining them into our patented hybrid printing process,
  • full personalization of the label – we realize any graphic design according to individual order,
  • a wide range of colors, so that your label fits perfectly into your brand’s corporate identity strategy and is consistent with it.

Discover the possibilities of shrink labels!

Innovative printing technology combined with the advantages of heat-shrinkable films make our products resistant to abrasion, fading or discoloration. Investing in them, you can be sure of the durability of colors and graphic designs placed on products. Strong adhesion to the walls of the package, perfect adaptation to any shape and the possibility of printing the entire surface – this is what makes our labels stand out from the competition and effectively support your marketing activities.

Choose shrink labels – order them today!

Create your own graphic design, choose the perfect colors and place your order – Aniflex (https://aniflex.pl/en/) is a manufacturer of shrink labels. We focus on the highest quality, strength, perfect color reproduction and innovative printing technologies to put the best items into your hands. Use them in your marketing campaign and see how easily you can differentiate your brand’s products from the competition on store shelves!