Digital printing method is the answer to the need of personalisation, depositing changing data on the package. Its fundamental advantage is printing graphic design directly from the computer file, which in practice means complete elimination of costs related to purchasing printing forms. Digital printing is an excellent solution for low-volume manufacture of self-adhesive labels, shrink sleeves or flexible packages. Combined with the possibility of connecting circulations (printing several designs of the same size in one manufacturing process) and an impeccable colour saturation we receive a high quality product which is an answer to one of the leading trends in label and package design – the personalisation.


Digital printing

Ink Jet UV


Digital printing


Short characteristic of digital technology

Digital printing is the most cost-optimal printing technique for low-volume manufactures or those that are characterised by a high changeability of design.

For printing in digital technology no additional printing forms are needed. Label design is printed directly from the computer file, which reduces not only label purchase costs but also the time of fulfilling the order.

Personalisation is one of the most visible trends in effective package design. Digital printing technology enables manufacturing and printing unique labels bearing for example an own dedication or an individual design.


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