Antibacterial and antiviral varnish in the self-adhesive label industry

Antibacterial and antiviral varnish in the self-adhesive label industry

In many ways, the past year proved to be a very challenging one for both customers and manufacturers in almost every industry. Pandemic-related restrictions have had a significant impact on consumer behaviour, with consumers becoming more cautious about approaching surfaces that are frequently touched for fear of contamination

Changing customer attitudes have caused manufacturers to look for solutions that can provide a protective barrier to ensure the safety of shoppers.

One of these solutions turned out to be a varnish with bactericidal and virucidal properties, so far used mainly in the field of paper products. However, given that a self-adhesive label placed on a package can be a carrier for bacteria and viruses, and being aware of the risks associated with it, we decided to introduce the varnish to our offer. At the end of last year, the antibacterial varnish was presented by our company at the Packaging Innovations fair, thus entering the self-adhesive label industry .

How does the antibacterial varnish work on a self-adhesive label?

The action of the bactericidal and virucidal varnish on self-adhesive labels is based on a photodynamic process in which the photosensitizers contained in the preparation, upon contact with natural or artificial light, convert the oxygen contained in the air into active singlet oxygen, which breaks down the pathogens of bacteria, mould, fungi, and viruses present on the surface of the label. The created barrier prevents further spread of microorganisms.

Properties of the bactericidal and virucidal varnish

The properties of the product enable application on the surface of self-adhesive labels, both paper and film, and it is therefore dedicated to all industries.

The great performance of the varnish has been proved by clinical tests, which confirmed its effectiveness at the level of 99.5% in eliminating microorganisms from the varnished surface. The varnish has a permanent effect – the reaction associated with the elimination of pathogens occurs repeatedly. It is an ideal solution in the case of self-adhesive labels placed on the packaging because products in the stores are often touched by many customers who want to read the content of the labels on the items.

Due to the fact that the varnish does not contain harmful biocides and nanoparticles, it does not affect health in any way.

Who is the varnish offered to?

The offered water-based antibacterial varnish is an excellent solution to increase the level of safety and protection against the pathogens of viruses, mould, bacteria and fungi. It is an excellent alternative to previously used varnishes because it not only protects against damage, washing out and wearing out of the printout, provides a gloss or matt finish to the surface of the label, but it also provides an additional protective layer against germs.

The antibacterial varnish is chosen by manufacturers who value the importance of the protective barrier which helps to reduce the risk of spreading harmful microorganisms.

From the technological point of view, the antibacterial varnish is similar to other water-based coatings, it does not affect the colour of printouts or readability, thus guaranteeing the high quality of the labels.

Bactericidal and virucidal varnish vs ecology

The varnish is a brilliant option for businesses that pay attention to the way their products affect the environment because the coating is biodegradable and harmless to nature. Moreover, it does not release any toxic substances during the biodegradation process.  The use of a protective barrier in the form of a bactericidal and virucidal varnish does not affect the recycling process either.


The bactericidal and virucidal varnish introduced to the self-adhesive label market at the end of the year provides an excellent solution to prevent the spread of microorganisms. The properties and the special features of the varnish allow it to be applied to both paper and film surfaces, so it can be used by all industries. One of the largest discount stores in Poland has decided to cover the leaflets with the protective varnish which is a clear message to the customers that their safety is the priority of the company. Such actions should become an impulse for other entrepreneurs, who have not been convinced up till now, of the effectiveness of such solutions.

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