Augmented Reality - the future of the self-adhesive label industry

In order to emphasise the uniqueness of their products, manufacturers are looking for newer and newer solutions to make them stand out from the competition. The opportunity to do so lies in the development of technology that enables us to go beyond the current standards in label and packaging design. We are talking about Augmented Reality, which is tentatively making its way into the packaging industry, offering the possibility of transferring a product into a virtual world.

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality is a technology that combines elements of the real and virtual worlds. Innovative solutions allow computer generated elements to be superimposed on real objects (captured by a camera lens). AR is most commonly used in mobile applications for smartphones and tablets. The first and most recognisable example of this was the Pokemon Go game, popular a few years ago, which allowed you to watch appearing and disappearing characters superimposed on your phone screen. Augmented Reality was also used in the Google Sky Map app. You can simply point the phone camera at the space above the horizon to get an image with information about planets, constellations, stars and other cosmic objects displayed against the real sky.

Augmented Reality in the label industry

In a way, Augmented Reality can take the self-adhesive label industry into a completely different dimension. The production of labels makes it possible to emphasise the visual identity of a brand and to distinguish their products from their competitors. Humans are visual by nature, so aesthetically pleasing packaging catches the eye. A well-thought-out advertising strategy makes the brand recognisable, which stimulates sales.

Surprising interactive labels are an excellent way to gain additional ways of communication with customers. Superimposing digital elements over the “real world” in real time helps to create intriguing messages that have a big impact on the emotions.

What can be communicated using Augmented Reality?

Almost anything can be conveyed with Augmented Reality. Using AR in an unconventional way you can, for example, inform your customers about:

  • the ingredients and their origin – this solution will be perfect for packaging used for natural cosmetics or organic food, whose composition is very important for an aware consumer,
  • the product development process – this way you can acquaint the customers with the manufacturer by telling them about the company’s principles or the technologies it uses,
  • the possible uses of the product – interactive labels can suggest how to use the product or how to make the best use of it.

And you can do all of that with the use of presentations, videos, images and animations to enhance the message.

What do you gain by using AR?

Packaging that incorporates Augmented Reality contributes to, for example:

  • increasing customer engagement through interactive content;
  • greater buyer loyalty to the brand;
  • the ability to provide additional information helps fulfill the requirements of what must be included on the packaging.

Augmented Reality in practice

When creating the concept of packaging that uses Augmented Reality, you should have adequate knowledge of how to design it so that it effectively and smoothly interacts with a dedicated application. In doing so, you should keep in mind that there are certain factors that can hinder the message: These are primarily the following:

  • the use of glossy material, e.g. in the embellishments on a label or packaging;
  • lack of contrast on the label or packaging;
  • the use of transparent material;
  • too “simple” label design (too few characteristic elements);

To reduce the risk of the above, a packaging strategy that incorporates Augmented Reality technology should be developed by a professional company that is knowledgeable about combining print technology with modern AR technology.

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