Eco-labels and their relevance to the environment.

Eco-labels and their relevance to the environment.

What is the environmental impact of pre-printed self-adhesive labels? Find out about planet-friendly solutions, their types and advantages.

An important part of being eco-friendly is packaging your products appropriately. It is a good idea to use ecological pre-printed self-adhesive labels, which are printed on recyclable materials. Find out about the advantages and types of this solution. Read on and find out how the Aniflex printing house cares about the natural environment.

Why choose pre-printed eco-friendly self-adhesive labels

The modern printing house of self-adhesive labels is increasingly recommending more environmentally friendly solutions in the area of self-adhesive labels. Customers care about the raw materials their products are made of. Our raw materials are made from crops without artificial fertilisers, not tested on animals and sustainably sourced. This ensures that companies do not contribute to the degradation of nature and reduce litter.

As a result, this process benefits the company’s reputation and often encourages increasingly demanding consumers to choose their goods.

Types of eco-labels:

The professional label manufacturer is now increasingly adding environmentally-friendly proposals to its product range. The most popular are those labels made using the following technologies:

  • Multi Cycle – designed primarily for glass bottles that are reused (e.g. for beer), they do not wear out, do not fade and are resistant to repeated washing,
  • Wash Off – stickers coated with a washable adhesive that is easily removable from secondary packaging so that it can be re-labelled,
  • Clean Flake – printed on a substrate that is easy to remove, allowing packaging to be reused,
  • Think Thin – these are smaller, lighter and thinner than standard labels. In practice, this means savings in materials and electricity,
  • REbase – labels on recycled raw materials,
  • ReNEW – made from papers using wood from trees felled under responsible forest management.

In which industries are eco-labels used?

They are most often used by companies that want to consciously create a brand image of caring for the Earth. Eco-labels can be found on cosmetics, healthy food, supplements and wooden toys. In reality, however, they can be used in virtually any sector, because even a small change can make a contribution to reducing the depletion of non-renewable resources, energy consumption, CO2 emissions and the greenhouse effect.

Aniflex label printer – take care of the environment with us.

Our printing house from the Łódzkie Province ( strives to promote zero waste solutions and care for nature, which is why we have introduced a number of eco-friendly solutions. We use materials that support the reuse of packaging (e.g. glue that is washable in industrial dishwashers and does not pollute water). Our customers can also print on substrates containing recycled raw materials (e.g. PET bottles). We also recommend reduced, recovery-enhancing, biodegradable labels with water-based adhesive (compostable films made from cellulose pulp or lactic acid).

Would you like to order eco-friendly samples? You are welcome!

Take advantage of eco-friendly packaging and labelling. As an experienced label manufacturer (, we recommend many solutions for responsible businesses. Not sure how they will look in practice? Order samples ( and see for yourself that your design will also look great on recycled surfaces.