Hybrid print - advantages and applications

Hybrid print – advantages and applications

It makes it possible to combine speed and the individual nature of digital technology with the vast possibilities for decoration, which are characteristic of the flexographic method. Hybrid print is becoming increasingly popular among the most demanding customers of printing houses.

What should we know about hybrid print?

It is a technique that combines the strenghts of low-volume digital print with a wide range of enrichment possibilities provided by flexography. It enables quick and effective, yet meticulous production of labels and packagings that stand out against the competition and will become a true trademark of your brand in shops.

Hybrid print technology consists of two stages. The first one consists in making a print using digital technology, while the second one consist in adding enrichments and securing the printout with the use of the flexographic technology. Thanks to that it is possible to achieve results that meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers.

Hybrid print – explore the advantages

The innovative hybrid print was created as a result of printing house’s attempts to increase their competitiveness in the printing market.  It makes it possible to increase the efficency of work and reduce the time needed to complete an order.

The application of this technology allows printing houses to extend their offer and provide customers with, among other things, the possibility of printing dynamic data and customised labels, designed with the use of programmes generating unique designs.

The use of hybrid print brings numerous benefits, such as:

  • the possibility of customisation, for example adding a special dedication on the project,
  • the possibility of adding enrichments increasing the aesthetic values of printouts – for example the application of cold stamping, lamination, soft-touch, matt, gloss lamination, structural or fragrant inks or thermochromic inks which make labels and packagings more attractive and original.

Hybrid print – the application

The hybrid print technique is a solution that is perfect for even the most advanced projects.  It is most often used for the creation of self-adhesive labels and product packagings. The solution is used in demanding industries, in which aesthetics of the product is important.


Our printing house specilises in the production of self-adhesive and heat-shrink lables as well as elastic packagings.  Hybrid print is ont of the techniques used by our team on a daily basis.  Would you like to use our services?

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