Hybrid printing is a combination of digital and flexographic printing.

The history of printing dates back to the times of ancient Egypt, when the first methods of multiple copying of content were recorded. Initially, they involved reproducing not only writing, but also images using clay stamps. At the turn of the centuries, printing technologies were developed to make an increasing number of copies with less and less human effort. However, these were the last few years that have witnessed a breakthrough in the development of surface printing capabilities.

CHybrid printing, a combination of digital and flexographic printing, is gaining in popularity.  Its major advantage is the possibility of combining the personalisation of labels and packaging, achieved through digital printing with the option to apply decorations in flexographic technology.

Thanks to the combination of two technologies, hybrid printing is perfect for printing unique and inimitable labels, thus distinguishing the packaging on the shop shelf.

As a reminder, the key advantages of digital printing are the following:

– flexibility, resulting from the absence of printing forms, which enables a change in design without generating additional costs.

– freedom to customise labels.

– mpossibility to use the full colour palette in the design with the guarantee of excellent colour saturation.

The advantages of flexographic printing, on the other hand, include:

– optimisation of high-volume production costs.

– possibility to apply high-tech decorations.

– ability to use both UV and water-based paints.

As a result of the combination of these printing methods, it can be firmly stated that hybrid printing offers a number of new opportunities for creating unique and effective (in terms of marketing) labels and packaging.

It is important to remember that hybrid technology requires specialist knowledge and the use of advanced technologies. Therefore, if you want to have your labels made using a hybrid printing method (combining digital and flexographic), you should turn to specialists. Aniflex has over 17 years of experience in the industry and a constantly growing number of satisfied customers.

Contact us today and let us prepare professional hybrid printing (https://aniflex.pl/index.php/en/technology/hybrid-printing). Having a modern technological base at our disposal. In addition to hybrid printing, we also offer digital and flexographic prints, adapting to the customer’s needs.