Label and packaging as a coherent whole

Label and packaging as a coherent whole.

Before starting the design process of both packaging and a label, it is necessary to properly select a raw material on the basis of which these products will be produced. It is worth emphasizing that both elements should be compatible with each other, which will increase their recyclability at the end of the product life cycle.

The approach to the packaging and the label as a uniform whole is necessary because of
the European Union’s directive on waste management. The implementation of the above-mentioned legal regulations has contributed to the development of new methods in terms of
waste management. At present, the greatest emphasis is placed on preventing the generation of new waste, which will only be possible if the amount of secondary raw materials used in the production of packaging is increased. Products that are made of recycled or renewable materials, combined with a suitable label, create sustainable packaging.

When deciding on the choice of the right material to produce the label, apart from the possibility of further processing, you should also consider where and how the packaging will be stored. The options available on the market include materials resistant to changing temperature, humidity or abrasion, as well as materials with higher rigidity (e.g. wood-based labels) or more flexible ones (such as foils) used for applying to irregular surfaces.

Packaging and label design vs. recycling.

When designing of packages which are intended to be processed later, in the recycling
process one should apply the rules related, among other things, to the selection of appropriate shape and material, which will not prevent the packaging from being recycled in any way. At this stage, it is important to minimize the amount of such used materials as PP, PE, PET, PS, PVC as much as possible. At present, there is a range of more eco-friendly materials available on the market, whose properties do not differ from those used in standard production, and by the content of processed raw material they interfere with the environment to a lesser extent.

Moreover, manufacturers who are oriented at subsequent material recovery introduce limitations on the number of decorations used and avoid full dyeing or dark colours. Obviously, it is not always possible to apply the above-mentioned limitations, hence, it is worth looking for solutions that support the recycling process, e.g. by using a label with a specially developed adhesive that is completely removable from the packaging surface.

When it is not possible to use uniform materials for a package and
a label, manufacturers often decide to put labels that are relatively easy to remove from the surface of the packaging, so that both elements are sorted and placed in separate containers. It is becoming more and more common for manufacturers to put markings on packaging or labels that inform about discarding the packaging and label separately. This is an example where an entrepreneur undertakes activities aimed at increasing environmental awareness in consumers.

Packaging and label vs. the end user.

The identification of the end user of a product is as significant as the design process itself. Due to the diversity expected by consumers, the manufacturer, when selecting the production technology, should pay attention to its capabilities and limitations. If the offered product is available in, for instance, several fragrance variants, the execution of such an order will be different from the production involving the printout of one label design. The development of digital printing has made it possible to generate and then print labels and packages that are unique and simultaneously draw the customer’s attention.


Packaging and label design is an extremely complex process. Therefore, it is extremely important to appropriately select all elements from a raw material to manufacturing technology. As a manufacturer of self-adhesive labels with many years of experience on the market, we are here to help and advise you on how to select a product tailored to your individual needs in an efficient and cost-effecive way.

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