The Packaging [R]evolution conference has been a part of the Packaging Innovations Trade Fair for many years. This year’s online edition was held 9 June. The event, which we hope will reverberate positively in the industry, was hosted from Kraków by Justyna Kierzkowska-Grzyb and a representative of the Trade Fair in Kraków.

During the conference, the invited guests raised many interesting issues regarding the practical applications of the solutions they mentioned. Among the speakers, there were representatives of Aniflex Company. Maciej Wojtaszek spoke on the topic: “Hybrid label printing – how to create a unique digital label using flexo”. On the other hand, Justyna Kierzkowska-Grzyb, in her presentation “Increase sales through packaging – ready-made solutions stimulating sales”, introduced a number of examples of advantages connected with the implementation of, e.g. augmented reality, unique ornaments or customisation in printing labels and packaging.

Every year we do our best to make the topics discussed during the event interesting and sometimes even surprising. We hope that this year’s conference has met the expectations of our listeners. We already invite you to the next Packaging [R]evolution next year.

In September we hope to meet you during the 13th International Packaging Innovations Fair, which will be held at the EXPO XXI Centre in Warsaw.