Last year, we focused on promoting ecological materials. Take Care of the Earth, a campaign prepared by us, brought attention to various applications of more environmentally friendly labels.

We are not slowing down this year… Continuing to promote pro-ecological solutions, we are adding something special that will additionally distinguish our packaging in terms of visual aspects – personalisation– after all, nothing else attracts the customer’s attention as much as an individual approach.

The “box” action has reassured us that non-standard solutions are something worth promoting. Therefore, once again, we are “reaching out” to our clients – this time we set off in Poland with self-adhesive labels designed with the use of HP Mosaic software, which allows generating an unlimited number of unique packages based on a single graphic design. Brands such as Coca-Cola, Smirnoff and Aqua d’or opted for personalisation and released packaging designed with HP Mosaic. Personally, we are convinced that it is worth joining such a prestigious group of businesses.

What does it take to use it?

First: you need a print shop that creates print-outs with HP Mosaic software

Second: you must have the courage… the bravery to go beyond the standard (which we constantly remind you of and encourage you to do)

…the rest will work out ”by itself”…

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