Printing – types, possibilities and applications

Today’s self-adhesive label printers offer products not only characterised by the highest level of workmanship but also manufactured in a technology tailored to individual customer needs. At present, the label industry primarily offers printing in two technologies – digital printing technology and flexographic printing technology. However, among the available solutions, customers looking for self-adhesive label materials can also opt for hybrid printing technology. We invite you to read the article to explore the characteristics of different types of printing and learn how to choose the right technology for your order.

Label printing technology – which one to choose?

It depends on the speed at which the work is done, the cost of the campaign and the effect that can be achieved. The printing technology should be matched to the print run and the materials to be used in the production process. The choice of a specific technology is also influenced by the project itself. We will use different technologies when printing variable data and when the creation includes refinements.

Digital printing

Digital printing technology allows us to transfer label designs from a computer file directly onto paper, film or other substrate selected by the Customer. Digital printing is perfect for low-volume productions and when time is of the essence because digital printing does not require the preparation of printing forms, which usually affects the time of production. This technology is an excellent option for the production of self-adhesive labels, shrink sleeves or flexible packaging whose designs are characterised by high data variability.

This technology enables the customisation of packaging. By using special software, you can get an unlimited number of design creations based on a single graphic. Thanks to the possibility of combining print runs, i.e. the production of several projects in the same dimension, we obtain a solution that responds to the trend related to the customisation of labels and packaging..

Digital printing enables:

  • customisation
  • refining
  • varnishing
  • profitably low print runs
  • variable data printing
  • printing on any substrate

Flexographic printing

Flexographic printing technology. is perfect for high-volume productions. Special printing moulds (the so-called photopolymers) are used in the production process to imprint patterns on the substrate. It is worth noting that the characteristic feature of flexographic printing technology is the possibility of using a wide range of decorative techniques, which in combination with printing on non-standard substrates such as metallised or ultra-clear films allows creating projects that stand out from the competition. Flexographic printing is considered to be the best solution when the creation of packaging requires the use of ornaments, refining varnishes, etc. It is also considered to be one of the most cost-effective printing technologies for technologically advanced labels and packaging with complex designs.

Flexographic printing capabilities:

  • refining
  • perforation
  • varnishing
  • underprint on the adhesive side
  • screen printing
  • lamination
  • printing on any substrate
  • deactivation of the adhesive

Hybrid printing

Hybrid technology is a combination of digital printing with the possibility of applying decorations in flexographic technology, which gives us a chance to execute low-volume orders while maintaining the possibility of applying rich decorations and ornaments. What is extremely important is the fact that due to the possibility of applying decorations or creating a barrier against attempts to tamper with the product, hybrid printing is becoming increasingly popular in the cosmetics as well as alcohol industry.

Hybrid printing capabilities:

  • printing of a design on digital press
  • printing of an enrichment, PANTONE colour on the flexographic machine
  • customisation of labels according to customer’s instructions

Printing house – check out our offer!

ANIFLEX is a printing house with two complementary printing technologies, i.e. flexographic printing technology and digital printing technology, which has been executing orders related to the production of self-adhesive labels for many years. We combine two popular techniques to guarantee the best possible result to our customers, while tailoring the solution to the size of the print run and the individual characteristics of a given project. Not sure which printing technology would be best? Feel free to contact us – we will help you choose an optimal solution and reduce production costs.