Self-adhesive labels for marking of organic products

Self-adhesive labels for marking of organic products

Observing customers’ shopping preferences, one can draw conclusions that more and more often we reach for products manufactured with technologies or raw materials that are less harmful to the environment. Potential buyers are paying more attention to what items they surround themselves with in their daily lives. Advertisements promoting a healthy lifestyle and closeness to nature have caused us to spend more time reading the self-adhesive labels on packages.


The role of product labelling

Following customer choices, manufacturers are expanding their offerings to include eco-friendly items. As a result, we have a situation where more and more eco-friendly products are appearing, and thus it becomes more and more difficult to make a final purchase decision. How to stand out from the competitors? How to persuade a customer to choose a specific item.

The most important thing is to realise that a professionally designed and produced label is, in a way, a business card and emphasises the value of the product. Original design, aesthetic finish, high quality of raw materials used and correct content placement affect not only the perception of the product series, but also the perception of the brand itself.

In addition, it should be remembered that a properly prepared label should perform a number of important functions, among which the most important are:

– impressive (by encouraging you to get interested in the product);

– informational;

– persuasive;

– marketing and advertising.


Types of environmental self-adhesive labels

Companies looking to adapt to market needs are searching for eco-friendly alternatives to their products. One example of this is the cosmetics industry, which is taking steps to conserve water by marketing cubes, powders and concentrates as an alternative to the liquid products they use every day. To maintain consistency between the product offered and the packaging, manufacturers are investing in solutions that will make their packaging more ecological by using raw materials that have less impact on the environment.

The self-adhesive label market today offers a wide range of more environmentally friendly products. Manufacturers can choose from recycled-based materials that contribute to significant reductions in fossil fuel, water and energy consumption. They use recycled plastic from households, post-industrial waste, and recycled plastic from PET bottles in production. The second group of materials available are the so-called reduced materials characterised by a lower grammage and a lower rate of waste generation. It is worth noting that the use of reduced materials also reduces operating costs associated, among other things, with shorter downtime. The third group consists of materials produced on the basis of renewable raw materials, which thanks to the use of biomass significantly reduce CO2 emissions, as well as the consumption of fossil fuels. These materials generally contain more than 80% of natural ingredients. Biodegradable/compostable materials made from cellulose pulp or lactic acid are also available on the market.

The label industry also offers other environmentally friendly solutions, such as linerless materials, small roll service, and materials that support recycling through the use of a specially formulated adhesive. Manufacturers also have the opportunity to join label liner take-back programs that increase the proportion of recycled raw material used in production.

Order eco-friendly labels from Aniflex

When selecting the raw material to be used for label production, attention should be paid to the technology used – its capabilities and limitations. That’s why you should trust people with years of experience in this field.

In Aniflex company, apart from a rich offer of pro-ecological solutions of self-adhesive labels (Eco solutions ) we also offer consulting in preparing label designs. We guarantee an individual approach to each customer, so you can be sure that the offer will be tailored to your needs.

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