Self-adhesive labels in the automotive industry

Self-adhesive labels in the automotive industry

The automotive industry is one of the most dynamically developing areas of modern civilisation. The automotive industry is a sector that exerts a key influence on the functioning of many spheres and socio-economic areas. Special self-adhesive materials are used to mark individual components and parts of motor vehicles. The specific nature of the industry requires markings that are robust and can be applied to a variety of surfaces. Furthermore, it is extremely important that the applied self-adhesive materials are resistant to chemicals, lubricants, oils, alcohols and changeable weather conditions. Below are the most common types of self-adhesive labels used in the automotive industry.


Nameplates used by the automotive industry in the form of self-adhesive labels primarily play an informative role. They are designed to permanently mark individual parts and equipment of a motor vehicle, providing information such as the manufacturer’s name, year of manufacture, serial numbers or basic technical characteristics.

Tyre labels

For tyre labelling, labels made from specially formulated film and paper-based self-adhesive materials are used, with an adhesive that has a high degree of adhesion to rubber surfaces. In addition to the standard information related to the size and the manufacturer’s brand in accordance with Regulation 2020/740 of the European Parliament and of the Council, labels on tyres manufactured after 1 May 2021 and destined for the European market shall contain information relating to:

  • fuel efficiency rating;
  • wet grip rating;
  • noise emission rating.

An important change concerning the labelling of winter passenger car tyres, which came into force with the introduction of the above legislation, is the addition of extra pictograms on the labels to indicate the increased grip of the tyres on snow and/or ice. A new feature of the tyre labelling is the inclusion of a QR code, which can be scanned to access the product information sheet.

Labels for motor oils

Self-adhesive labels for motor oils are the primary source of information on oil standards and classification. Formulators usually opt for multi-layer labels or front-to-back labels because of the need to carry a large amount of information on a limited area of the label.

Labels for cable marking

Self-adhesive labels also play an important role in the automotive sector for marking cables, harnesses and electrical wires in motor vehicle installations. These articles are made of self-adhesive foil material resistant to:

  • abrasion,
  • water,
  • extreme (low and high) temperatures,
  • chemicals used for cleaning electrical apparatus.

Storage labels

Self-adhesive labels are the most common way to mark both individual parts and bulk packaging in the automotive industry. Properly designed, they facilitate rapid product identification and delivery tracking. Labels on storage racks are primarily used to mark the location, and scanning them allows the system to verify what items they should contain. Self-adhesive labels are the perfect solution for customs warehouses and high-bay warehouses.

Self-adhesive labels – an indispensable product for the automotive industry

Self-adhesive labels find many applications in the automotive sector. For the automotive industry, they can be used to mark all the components of motor vehicles. These products must be resistant to various factors and be able to be applied effectively and permanently on a variety of surfaces: smooth, rough, rubber, metal, plastic, etc.

Printing of self-adhesive labels

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