Self-adhesive labels – proper selection and storage

Self-adhesive labels are the perfect solution for marking products, which is successfully used by production plants, warehouses, mail order stores or offices. In order for labels to fulfill their purpose, the material used for their production should be properly selected. Below we present the topic related to the proper selection of labels and storage method so that they retain their properties as long as possible.

Select the label that suits the application

The multitude of both self-adhesive materials that are available in the market and printing techniques make the choice of raw material problematic in some situations. . Therefore, the decision related to the choice of a self-adhesive label manufacturer, who will advise on the selection of an adequate solution for different applications, is extremely relevant.

Printing of self-adhesive labels – substrate selection?

In view of the wide variety of available materials, the most commonly used ones include:

  • paper substrate – perfect for products stored in dry areas;
  • PE foil substrate – flexible, moisture-resistant, usually used for soft containers, e.g. cream tubes or tubes for other cosmetics;
  • PP foil substrate – moisture-resistant, resistant to high temperature and chemicals, used largely for the production of labels for food packaging;
  • PET film substrate – perfect for warehouses, resistant to abrasion, temperature and moisture; also used in the production of shrink sleeves;
  • (PVC) vinyl substrate – similarly to PET film used production of shrink sleeves , this substrate is flexible, resistant to abrasion and chemical agents. It is a perfect solution for rough surfaces because PVC does not conduct electricity. It is used in the production of security seals that protect electronic products;

What to consider when ordering self-adhesive labelsh?

Before placing an order for self-adhesive labels), it is always a good idea to consult with people in the industry, who will advise you based on their years of experience. Based on information related to storage methods, internal company processes or product characteristics, label manufacturers are able to select the appropriate raw material to be used in the production process.

How to store self-adhesive labels?

Proper storage conditions are extremely relevant to prevent labels from damage. The main factors that affect labels include a moisture sensitivity level and temperature in the room. It should be noted that the conditions in which labels should be stored are closely related to the type of raw material that was used for production. This includes both the material layer and the adhesive used.

An inadequate temperature in the room may cause the self-adhesive label (for which 4oC is the adhesive’s activation temperature) stored at a temperature below the recommended one to lose its properties, as the adhesive between the layers will not achieve sufficient adhesion to the substrate. This also works in reverse: if the labels are in a room where the temperature is too high, there is a risk of the adhesive leaking from between the layers of the label.

The second key factor is a moisture sensitivity level. Based on recommendations for most raw materials that are used in the production of self-adhesive labels, the optimum moisture sensitivity level ranges from 40% to 60%.

It should be noted that in order to store self-adhesive labels properly, the product data sheet should be read. This document contains information such as composition of the label, recommended storage conditions, intended use, etc. There is also information that specifies how long the labels can be stored.

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