On 8 March, another of a series of free webinars was held as part of the project carried out in cooperation with Targi w Krakowie, the organiser of the Packaging Innovations trade fair.

The theme of the event was Special Inks used for creative packaging designs. The webinar was divided into two parts.

The first part concerned the use of special inks in terms of product protection. The presentation touched on fluorescent anti-copy inks, thermochromic inks, irreversible photochromic inks, invisible fluo inks, IR inks and varnishes used as a form of protection against the threat of copying or tampering with the contents of the packaging.

The second part discusses inks specifically in the context of their use for marketing purposes, presenting case studies using BlackLight inks, phosphorescent inks, and reversible and irreversible thermochromic inks.

The webinar concluded by answering the four most frequently asked questions:

– Are special inks “environmentally friendly”?

– Are speciality inks “fully transparent”?

– Are special inks “expensive”?

– Are there minimum delivery requirements for special ink orders?

We would like to thank everyone who attended the webinar. We hope that the presented solutions will prove to be an inspiration and an incentive to make bold decisions concerning packaging design, which gives the opportunity to distinguish your product from the competition.

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