Sustainable labelling solutions

Sustainable labelling solutions

Do you value the environment and want your business to operate responsibly? Choose eco-friendly solutions to gain two benefits at once – doing your part to help our planet and building a positive brand image.

What are sustainable labelling solutions?

The self-adhesive label industry offers many sustainable solutions that enable the reuse and recycling of packaging and more. Below are the most common technologies and material solutions that can help reduce a business’s environmental impact.

  • CleanFlakeTM – a revolutionary solution in the field of label adhesives, which reduces the contamination of PET flakes obtained by shredding PET bottles, which makes the resulting granulate sufficiently clean and capable of being successfully reused in the production of plastics;
  • Wash-off labels – ideal for returnable glass containers, as they can be removed from such containers relatively easily enabling their reuse;
  • MultiCycleTM – a proper, ultra-durable adhesive that increases the label’s abrasion resistance, enabling it to withstand up to several dozen product life cycles;
  • Compostable labels – biodegradable and compostable solutions; an excellent proposal for marking products in biodegradable packaging, such labels can also be used for marking containers made of other materials; compostable labels being approved for use in the case of direct contact with dry, non-oily food is yet another advantage;
  • Open-close labels – PP and PE – functional solutions used in product packaging designed to be opened and closed repeatedly; they also contribute to designing mono-material PP and PE packaging, which facilitates packaging recycling;
  • Reduced materials – thanks to decreased greenhouse gas emissions and lower water and energy consumption needed for their production, such materials have a lower impact on the environment; they contribute to operational savings resulting from the ability to wind more labels onto a roll, effectively enabling shorter downtime, as well as lower packaging and transportation costs; reduced materials also have a lower carbon footprint compared to standard label materials.
  • Small Roll Service – offers many economic and environmental benefits by allowing you to purchase fewer label laminates. Reducing the volume of waste generated is undoubtedly a major benefit since it helps you limit environmental pollution.

Label waste take-back programme

Label waste take-back programmes are one of the sustainable labelling solutions proposed by the self-adhesive label industry. The activities undertaken under such programmes include:

– sorting paper or PET liner;

– collecting the liner into cardboard boxes provided by the company running the programme;

– taking back the liner and transporting it to recycling facilities;

Almost all companies in the self-adhesive label sector can benefit from the programme.

Joining the programme provides enterprises with numerous benefits, including:

– enabling you to run your business in an environmentally friendly manner;

– allowing you to reduce waste disposal costs;

– recycling waste contributes to a lower carbon footprint compared to landfilling;

– waste take-back procedures comply with EU waste management regulations;

– Information about joining such a programme can be used in your company’s marketing activities.

How to use sustainable labelling solutions?

Manufacturers operating in a wide range of market sectors show increasing interest in modern sustainable and environmentally friendly self-adhesive labels. Eco-friendly labels are perfect for use on fresh fruit, vegetables, flowers and spices. Since they enable the easy removal of labels from container surfaces without leaving any marks, many of the solutions offered are used by manufacturers utilising bottles and glass packaging for their products, as this effectively facilitates their recovery and reuse. These solutions also make it easier to recycle PET bottles.

It is worth noting that the trend of seeking environmentally friendly solutions is widely promoted not only by small craft workshops but also by major corporations operating on a global scale. This allows companies to build an image that is in line with their mission to protect our planet.

Sustainable solutions offered by Aniflex

As a responsible producer of labels and packaging, we respond to the current trends. We strive to recommend eco-friendly equivalents to our customers, which help reduce unprocessed waste while maintaining top-of-the-line aesthetics. We offer sustainable self-adhesive label solutions made from renewable raw materials, which also incorporate recycled materials and promote their further reuse. Learn more about what we offer and join us in fulfilling the pro-environmental mission of the Polish business world.