The peel-off label - tell us more about the product

The peel-off label – tell us more about the product

They make an excellent data carrier and catch the eye of consumers. Printed peel-off labels are a booklet-type solution, i.e. consisting of two or more layers on which we can print additional content. Find out what makes them special and how exactly they work. Read our article, find out the biggest advantages of this solution and when it is worth using it.

What are peel-off labels?

Modern peel-off (peel and read, or open close) labels are created from two or more layers of mostly self-adhesive film material. They are used to convey a large amount of information even on a relatively small area of packaging. This solution has recently become increasingly popular in many different industries.

How do peel off labels work?

The individual layers are applied on top of each other. The peel-off label manufacturer uses an adhesive that allows the peeled-off part to be re-adhered in the same place. The subsequent parts are printed on both sides.

What are the advantages of peel off labels?

Peel off labels are great for small packaging. They can be used on bottles and vials, jars or tubes. Their main advantage is the ability to fit very extensive information on a small area. They give manufacturers greater flexibility in the identification of their packaging or the use of additional language versions. They also ensure that the clarity of the label is not compromised by the greater amount of information provided.

Peel-off labels’ applications

Regulations indicate exactly what information must necessarily appear on labels. Production date, expiry date, manufacturer’s address and other obligatory elements often take up a lot of space, making it necessary for manufacturers to limit effective advertising slogans, larger brand logos or graphics designed for a marketing campaign. Functional peel-off labels offer a solution to this problem.

Additional print space also proves important for implementing a customised advertising strategy. One example of this is food packaging, on which recipes for dishes to which the product is added can be included, among other things. Everything really depends on the designer’s ideas for attracting the attention of potential customers.

Manufacturers also use peel-off labels when organising various types of lotteries, games and competitions. The inner part can be used to include codes to be sent by text message, letters to form a slogan or detailed terms and conditions for entering a promotion. As a result, consumers are not forced to check information on the manufacturer’s website.

In which industries are printed peel-off labels most commonly used?

Multilayer printed peel-off labels are very popular in the pharmaceutical sector. Applied to the packaging of medicines or dietary supplements, they offer the possibility of displaying, among other things, detailed recommendations for the safe use of a given product or the effects it helps to achieve. They are also widely used by cosmetics manufacturers. The small size of the packaging does not make it possible to display much of the relevant data, so the additional space is particularly valuable.

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