shrink sleeves

They fit perfectly onto custom packaging, they are abrasion resistant and offer great advertising potential. Shrink sleeves are increasingly being used by manufacturers of food, alcohol, cosmetics and household chemicals. Learn about their advantages and use them to attract attention to your products on the shop shelves.

What are shrink sleeves?

Made from PVC and PET film, shrink sleeves ( ) are ideal for labelling products in almost all industries. After the film has been printed on on the inside, it is heated in a special tunnel so that the material shrinks to fit the surface of the packaging.

Types of shrink sleeves

Developments in printing technology enable the production of shrink sleeves tailored to the requirements of different industries. Their most popular types are:

  • full body labels – labels that cover the entire product. They work well wherever traditional self-adhesive labels do not allow you to display information adequately,
  • combo pack labels – used to combine products into so-called multipacks. Many manufacturers use them when preparing promotional sets,
  • security labels – replace the classic seal, making it impossible to open the package without damaging the label. They are most commonly used for expensive alcohols, perfumes, cosmetics and other premium branded items.

Remember that thanks to digital printing technology, shrink sleeve designs can be unique. This can be achieved by using special software to personalise labels and packaging. In addition, when you create labels you can use the enhancements available in the self-adhesive label industry, but you should make sure that the surface area is not too large, as this can affect the subsequent shrinking of the film.

Shrink sleeves – advantages

Unique shrink sleeve designs give you the chance to create distinctive packaging series and thus attract the attention of potential customers. Manufacturers more and more often opt for shrink sleeve labels due to:

  • larger surface for placing product information – it allows you to create more elaborate graphics and combine them with advertising slogans, as the available space is much larger,
  • the solution to the problem of adjusting a label to the irregular shapes of packaging – they can be used for any product sold in cartons, bottles, jars or cans,
  • abrasion resistant material – high durability of the film reduces the risk of damage which may occur in warehouses, during transport or on the shop shelf,
  •  the possibility of using it as a seal protecting products against unauthorised opening – this advantage is particularly appreciated by manufacturers of medicines or luxury cosmetics (opening perfumes, deodorants, lipsticks, eyeshadows and other packages by customers treating them as testers is a big problem in many beauty supply stores).

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