Digital label printing

Digital printing is one of the alternatives to self-adhesive label manufacturing, which is increasingly gaining ground in the labelling and packaging market. It is the perfect solution for low-volume production, requiring frequent design adjustments or customisation to adapt the message to the customer’s individual needs. But what is this technology about and why should you choose it? Read on to find the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

What are digital labels?

Digital labels are made using machines that transfer designs to the substrate directly from an electronic file. The data is sent to the device from suitably adapted graphic design software, enabling the user to respond in real time as the need arises to adjust the template.

Digital label printing – advantages

Digital printing technology has a number of advantages:

  • cost-effective production of low-volume print runs,
  • no need for photopolymer plate preparation for lower printing costs and shorter lead times,
  • customised design,
  • design can be changed at any stage,
  • print runs can be combined, while maintaining one size and using the same material,
  • proofs can be made directly from the machine,
  • flexographic refinements available.

When should you choose digital label printing?

The digital printing technology is particularly suitable for low-volume printing. As there is no need to prepare the plate in advance, the solution makes business sense even for several dozen packages. This printing technology is especially widespread in small businesses that manually produce natural cosmetics or foods, such as honey, cheese, jam, preserves, cold-pressed oils, pickles organic vegetables, etc.

The digital printing technology allows labels with different designs to be produced in a single run, while maintaining one size and using the same material throughout. This gives the technology an extra edge in the production of self-adhesive labels for marketing purposes. Digital printing is also the technology of choice for projects with a large amount of variable data.

Manufacturers using flexographic labels in day-to-day business often take advantage of digital printing for small batches, for example for product launches or when the order size for labels is too low for mass production.

Digital labels – check the Aniflex offer

The Aniflex company has been working in the self-adhesive label sector for many years. This long-standing presence has allowed it to gain experience and the trust of producers in the market both in Poland and abroad. The machinery we have enables us to carry out high-volume projects using flexographic printing technology, as well as low-volume projects using digital printing technology ( Please do not hesitate to contact us