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How to prepare the design of labels and packaging to be in line with current trends?

The design of cosmetic labels and packaging is a rapidly developing field, following the changing world and consumer expectations. Product packaging no longer has only a protective function, but also plays an important role in the process of conscious or subconscious selection of a product among those offered by the competition.

Why choose shrink labels for product labeling?

When it comes to choosing labels for your products, you can't leave it to chance - they are responsible for the aesthetics of the packaging and are a key element of your marketing strategy.
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Flexographic printing vs. other types of printing

Flexographic printing technology is particularly recommended for high-volume production. In addition, it provides the opportunity to design both standard (simple) labels and more complex designs that incorporate a variety of decorative techniques.
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How to design interesting and eye-catching self-adhesive labels?

Self-adhesive labels placed on products are an extremely important element that performs both an informative and a marketing function. That is why every effort should be made to ensure that the designs are prepared in such a way as to provide all the legally required information. From a marketing point of view, on the other hand, labels are a kind of business card of a product, which determines its popularity and influences purchasing decisions. Therefore, labels should be designed in such a way that they stand out from the competition. Here is how to create interesting and eye-catching printed labels that meet all of your objectives.
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Eco-labels and their relevance to the environment.

What is the environmental impact of pre-printed self-adhesive labels? Find out about planet-friendly solutions, their types and advantages.
Farby termochromowe na etykietach – charakterystyka i kiedy stosować

Thermochromic inks on labels – characteristics and when to use them

Unique self-adhesive printed labels combine the typical informative function with an advertising one. They allow products to stand out from the competition, attract attention with their original design and help to increase sales. But how do you achieve such an effect when the shop shelves are full of very similar articles, giving consumers a huge choice? You can use modern thermochromic inks. Find out what they are and how they work.
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The peel-off label – tell us more about the product

They make an excellent data carrier and catch the eye of consumers. Printed peel-off labels are a booklet-type solution, i.e. consisting of two or more layers on which we can print additional content. Find out what makes them special and how exactly they work. Read our article, find out the biggest advantages of this solution and when it is worth using it.
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Flexible packaging – when to choose it?

Flexible packaging is the perfect solution for labelling irregularly shaped products. It has recently become increasingly popular with manufacturers who are keen to combine high quality with an attractive price. Read the article, find out what makes it stand out and in which sectors such packaging works best.
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Digital label printing – what is it and why should you give it a go?

Digital printing is one of the alternatives to self-adhesive label manufacturing, which is increasingly gaining ground in the labelling and packaging market. It is the perfect solution for low-volume production, requiring frequent design adjustments or customisation to adapt the message to the customer’s individual needs. But what is this technology about and why should you choose it? Read on to find the answers to the most frequently asked questions.